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The Snow Road
Mountain road between Aurland and Lærdal,45 km. Highest point 1309 metres, offering fantastic views and snow along the road all summer.

The Sognefjord
The Sognefjord is the world's longest fjord.Cruise in the innermost part, through narrow fjordarms surrounded by high mountain peaks.
Boat/ferry to Gudvangen

The Flåm Railway

The most spectacular railway journey in Scandinavia. A great engineering accomplishment.
Timetable for for the Flåm line

Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre
Wild salmon observatory, nature and cultural exhibitions, Film about the Atlantic salmon and salmon fishing. Fly-tying workshop.


May - Sept.


(+47) 57 66 67 71


(+47) 57 66 66 82



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Wild Salmon Centre

-an experience for all the family!

In th Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre you may:

- try fishing in our fishingsimulator!

- see our fantastic and award-winning film about the life of a salmon!

- learn recognise the diffrence between a wild salmon and a sea trout as they swim in the salmon pool!

- find out how does a salmon find its way from the Atlantic Ocean back to the river where it was spawned!

- find out why does the salmon have pink flesh!

- learn about salmon fishi9ng trough the ages!

- see how a salmon fly is made, step by step in our fly tying workshop!

- visit our souvenir shop or our excellent restaurant!



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